Troy Trepanier’s modified pedal car for the JDRF auction in 2007

I was looking through an old hard drive and found these pics of one of my favorite cars that were built to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s auction about five years ago.

Troy Trepanier's pedal for the JDRF auction in 2007

As you can see it was built to match the full size ’32 above. I especially love the custom motor that was painted on the side of the hood. Looking at this reminds me I need to find someone to airbrush the side of our ’32 stroller this spring.

Side view of the sweet airbrushed engine!

These pedal cars are great and I as have posted earlier they raised $150,650 for the JDRF. I was lucky enough to see the entire group of them at the SEMA show in 2007 in person. The best part about it was the fact that I had just started to build my boys first stroller with the same Ford pedal car.

Very clean pedal car by the guys at Rad rods by Troy.



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