Guides and instructions for building and/or modifying a stroller, wagon or pedal car will be placed here.

Frame from EBAY seller.

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  1. John M Hernandez says:

    I just had a baby girl, and I’m looking forward to build her a lifted wagon. I’m from San Diego. Do you guys have any suggestions on where to start? How to start?

  2. Andrew Bugno says:

    Keep up the great work, I am really interested in the details of your 32 Ford roadster stroller, particularly what the steering assembly and frame both look like. Some pics of the undercarriage would be great!

    • Andrew, I will be doing a full strip down of the 32 ford stroller in the next week or so. I hope to have plenty of pictures for you along with ideas on how to build one yourself.

  3. Ronnie Howard says:

    I to am looking for information on building a wagon like Tony’s wagon on your website. I have searched the net for weeks looking for plans or parts list, but it is near impossible to find anything. For us guys that are not “handy,” could you help us out with a part’s list. One specific question i had is about axels, hubs, and wheels? Thank You.

  4. randy matheson says:

    I am also interested in tonys build. Looking for parts also. Hubs (best bolt pattern, axle size, etc.), tires (size), axle( what material, how big?. Thanks for the help

  5. cory blakely says:

    like most of the guys on here i am trying to find out how to build a custom wagon and can not find anything at all on the web. i am looking for specs on a frame like the one in the picture above. no crazy suspension just a solid frame to mount a tub on. i am trying to do this for my daughter that has recently been diagnosed with a disorder that is fatal within 10 years. please someone help me make my little girl a custom wagon to enjoy while we can.

    • Cory,

      Sorry for the late response. Im currently building a jig for the lowered frames. Please let me know what model Radio flyer wagon you have and what type of wheels you’re looking to use. The big kart tires can make the wagons very wide and hard to get through doorways.


  6. Erika says:

    Hi! After seeing a VERY COOL DAD with his own hot rod stroller at a local car show, I have been obsessed. We now have a 5 month old little girl, and she needs to be in one of these! I want to get this for my husband as a belated Fathers Day present (that he’ll love), but I agree with the above comments: it’s near impossible to find parts lists, etc to build your own. You’ve got the only website that even approaches a how to. Even just listing typical and basic supplies would be a huge help.

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