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What and interior!!! Has anyone built their own interior? ... See MoreSee Less

Custom interior in a 1954 #cadillac pedal car by @billdunnhb #thehogring #carinterior #autoupholstery #upholstery

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Dale BoydI have on wagons! Not nearly as nice as that though!4 months ago   ·  1
David AstburyJade Evans4 months ago   ·  1
Travis Jon VeldaMelissa Velda mr Levi4 months ago   ·  1

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This is too cool! I love the trailer and the bike the most. ... See MoreSee Less

Good to see the little ones having fun in cool trucks

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Jessica BernardBrandon Hart5 months ago   ·  1
Ben SyronJason McDermott we are Sooo doing this!! Haha5 months ago
Tom Pantera DalrympleJamie Russell5 months ago
Matt FerrillThats awesome I myself would like to drive that5 months ago
Matt FerrillJavier Prieto , Ryan Klarcyk5 months ago   ·  1
Matt FerrillRight you could prolly fit in the little truck . I think I actually might be able to as well but deft not Javier Prieto5 months ago
Eddhie LeeKeren neh Jacsen Jacsen5 months ago
Jacsen JacsenKayanya dr go kart deh ini Eddhie Lee5 months ago

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Maybe a little to much motor in this kart? ... See MoreSee Less

#Kartzilla #v8kart #EngleBrosFabrication just when you all thought it couldn't get any crazier....the #crossram and #webers with #velocitystacks really puts the kart even farther over the top than bef...

8 Responses to Latest from Facebook

  1. Matthew Fulton says:

    Currently working on a rat rod conversion of an early 80’s flyer…

  2. Bernard C McGuill says:



    Frame is aluminum U-channel from Lowe’s. Rear axle and wheels/tires are from an old Honda 3 wheel ATC. Shocks are from mountain bike frames. Steering is shifter kart parts. Suspension links are swedged aluminum tubes and rod ends from Speedway. Can’t decide whether to leave the patina or sandblast/powdercoat red.…..

  3. Dale Boyd says:

    I found your site a while ago, and I too share a common interest in building wagons and pedal cars. I have built a few of my own and have all of my build pictures on my FB page. Check them out and let me know what you think. It’s always fun discussing wagon build ideas and styles. Thanks I look forward to talking with you. ~Dale

  4. jobe traylor says:

    Can y’all please help me lower my wagon??

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