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Daniel Coin1 week ago
Mycooldaddy.comLove the seat! Is that one of those bumbo baby seats?1 week ago

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New motor in the works for the stroller! #bigblock #hotrodstroller ... See MoreSee Less

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Paul A AikenWhere did you get that2 weeks ago   ·  1
Mycooldaddy.comMotor is from a 13 year old toy. I found one new in the box and took it apart for this project.2 weeks ago
Paul A AikenMuscle machine that's what I thought what scale is that2 weeks ago

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Now I really like this. Love the throttle bodies coming out of the hood. ... See MoreSee Less

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Jake RobertsVelocity stacks! Very cool1 month ago

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Killer Ferrari. ... See MoreSee Less

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James FernLuke Harwin Shaun Hubbard check these out3 months ago   ·  1
Dean SmithDonna Irons-Smith get one for Oscar3 months ago   ·  1
Donna Irons-SmithSome of em are pretty smart. X3 months ago   ·  1
James FernLesley Fern3 months ago
Roland HorstDoes anyone know where i can get such wheels or carparts to build it . Thank you3 months ago
Dale BoydI am no where near their building level or skill set, but I built this one. I wish I had some of the tools/machines they do to play with!! I have a grinder and a small welder..😂 I have more I've built 44eight0 Wagons3 months ago

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8 Responses to Latest from Facebook

  1. Matthew Fulton says:

    Currently working on a rat rod conversion of an early 80’s flyer…

  2. Bernard C McGuill says:



    Frame is aluminum U-channel from Lowe’s. Rear axle and wheels/tires are from an old Honda 3 wheel ATC. Shocks are from mountain bike frames. Steering is shifter kart parts. Suspension links are swedged aluminum tubes and rod ends from Speedway. Can’t decide whether to leave the patina or sandblast/powdercoat red.…..

  3. Dale Boyd says:

    I found your site a while ago, and I too share a common interest in building wagons and pedal cars. I have built a few of my own and have all of my build pictures on my FB page. Check them out and let me know what you think. It’s always fun discussing wagon build ideas and styles. Thanks I look forward to talking with you. ~Dale

  4. jobe traylor says:

    Can y’all please help me lower my wagon??

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