Hossfeld #2 bender

While not the first piece of equipment I have bought it will be the most important when it comes to bending the tubing for the frames of the strollers and wagons. I picked up the Hossfeld #2 bender and about 15-20 die sets for under $500. If you keep an eye out for these they do come up for sale occasionally. New the #2 bender is around $1000 without the dies. Close too $2000-2500 with a nice assortment of dies.

Stock photo of the Hossfeld bender.

The unit I picked up did not have hydraulic power to help speed up then bending process but with the aid of a local auction house I picked up this gem. More than enough pressure to edge bend flat stock up to 1/2″ thick with out breaking a sweat.

This Dayton hydraulic pump should have plenty of power for the bender.

I’m still looking for a push pull ram and foot switch for the hyd pump. After that we should be ready to go. The best part is being able to bend what we need and not having to permanently mount the bender to the floor. This would have been very tough to do in the shop and would have severely limited the space I could have used it in.

Bending tubing for projects like this will be a piece of cake.



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