New Hot Rod stroller in the works!

Started the design process for a new stroller for this year. What got my idea process really going was all of the reading I have done this winter about the Bonneville salt flats and the SCTA(Southern California Timing Association) races held there each year in August. “Speed Week” is what they call it and they mean it. Cars regularly hit 200-300MPH during the week.

I have been thinking about a trip to the “Salt” this year for my 41st birthday which falls right in the middle of Speed week. The thought is go and watch the races and see if the idea I have to build /finish a Belly tank racer is ridiculous or not. SO with that I mind I thought why not start with something a little smaller. Something my sons could enjoy and I could build.

Belly tank

Fiberglass Belly Tank Stroller

The above fiberglass shell is in route and from the looks of it will be sweet. My plans have it cut and hinged at the top to allow my 4 year old to hop in and out of it when needed. I plan to use the frame and turning set up from the ’32 ford stroller. This will allow the belly tank stroller come to life. I cant wait to hit “Back to the 50’s” or “Cars and Cafe” at AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen this year.

A finished Belly tank roadster, while not a stroller still very cool.

The gentleman who sells these shells provided me with the above pic of one finished. The Belly tank above does not have steering like the stroller will but the style and “feel of it will be the same. Although I will really have to think about the color/paint on this one. I was planning on a bare metal look by air brush but lately I think a air force themed paint job with official markings, paint and stickers. Let me know in the comment section  what you think might look best.

Another shot of what they look like when finished.

Now I just need to find out where the wheels are from and who can make me a set of wheel covers like those shown.



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3 Responses to New Hot Rod stroller in the works!

  1. Mat Rhymer says:

    Definitely an Air Force theme. I am an AF veteran, so I am kinda biased. Would be awesome if you hook me up with a contact to get one of those shells. I would love to build one with my 5 autistic son, while I work on my 51 Shoebox.

  2. mike sherron says:

    Where did u get the body? I have to have one!

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