Doesn’t have to be a Radio Flyer Wagon to be cool.

Another variant in the Pull wagon line. This one was built using Radio flyer parts and a US army Ammo can. The axles appear to stock RFW parts that have been modified with 5/8 axles/rods for the spindle mount hubs. The Kart tires all seem to be the same size(front Kart wheels).

Ammo can wagon

Love the tandem axle he used to make up for the long length of the Ammo can. From the printing on the side of the can it held 25mm rounds. I would love to find one of these 25mm Ammo cans but have never come across one at the local surplus stores. If any one finds some of these cans or knows where I could purchase a few, let me know via the Email box to the right.

Tandem axle ammo can wagon

Use the left over axles and steering gear from a Radio Flyer Wagon to make the construction of this wagon or wagons/tubs like it a simple task.

Tandem axle ammo can wagon with the lid on.

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