Not a Pedal car. Not a custom Radio flyer. Just plain awesome.

Not quite sure where to place this, Not a wagon or pedal car. I know I will be talking to the owner this year about it. It looks to be Honda 450-750cc motorcycle motor built into the smallest trike I have ever seen.

Looks like trouble to me. This thing is crazy.

From what I could see at Cars and Cafe last year the trike has no gas tank. But other than that it appears to be functional. Chain drive on a solid shaft will be sketchy in turns to say the least… This however is not why you make something like this. You build stuff like this to… to…  well you built this just because it’s Awesome! You built it be cause you can and maybe to flex your fabricator muscle’s to a few friends.

You think you could ride this? Let me know.

As you can see in the background this garage’s owner has an affinity for transportation on the small side. BMW isetta’s and Mini’s abound in here. We actually found a couple of pedal cars in there the last time out.

Hows that for induction. I would hate to shift forward in the seat of this thing...

From the rear suspension under the seat to the sweet wheelie bar out back. This thing screams detail and I can guaranty this was no midnight build but a slow and methodical build. This is seriously one of my favorite bikes/trikes and is a a real crowd generator at the monthly get together at the Automotorplex.  Which by the way gets back to it in the Minneapolis area on the 7th of April.


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