Custom axles for your Radio flyer wagon

Hey all,

I had the first wagon I made apart the other day and thought I would get a few photos of the parts that make it happen. The axles are pretty basic and their parts are available from Home depot, Lowes type stores. The Local Northern tools has a metal section that houses everything I needed for this project.


The standard axles are the perfect height for racing kart wheels and tires. You will only need to modify the axle shaft to accommodate the Kart hubs. The Radio flyer standard axle is simply cut out of the old axle assembly and the new 3/4inch tube is welded in place.

Standard Radio flyer axle assembly.

Remove the steel rod(axle) from the assembly. With it removed, measure and cut the 3/4inch tubing to set your axles width.

Modified Radio flyer axle.

You will need to cut the length of the tube to match the spacing you want on your back wheels. Then take the 5/8th threaded rod and measure the length needed to clear your Kart hubs.

Quick and dirty axle assembly.

To keep the axle from sliding out of the tubing just drill two holes in the tubing on either side. With the threaded rod inserted to the length you need, weld the threaded rod to the tubing.

Weld spot here has been ground down. Spot weld in the center of the tubing to the threaded rod.

In this pic you can see how the tubing acts to set the spacing of the front or rear wheels.

lose up of the finished part. Note tube acting as a spacer to determine track width.

Close up of the finished part. Note tube acting as a spacer to determine track width.


Parts list for these custom axles.

  1. 3ft of  3/4 inch tubing from home depot, Lowes or same
  2. 3ft of  5/8th inch threaded rod from home depot, lowes or same
  3. Qty 4    5/8th nuts for the threaded rod
  4. Stock Radio Flyer axles to modify.

Hope this helps and be sure to send in picture of what you build for the new “Cooldaddy’s” section.

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4 Responses to Custom axles for your Radio flyer wagon

  1. Luis says:

    Hey guys I just saw the note on how to build the axels, I had a question
    On the back wheels I have a pair of wide wheels that required a hub I have both hubs what
    Do you guys recommend ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Marlow Vella says:

    Just wondering if you would know where I can find rims and tires that would fit the custom axle.

    Thank you

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