Navarro Pedal Car built for the Petersen Automotive Museum

H&H Mike Herman at H&H flat heads in California built this sweet pedal car for the Petersen museum last year. The money raised at auction for this creation was $4,025.00.


image003They decided to build the 1932 into a Navarro Lakester tribute car. A car which is located at the NHRA Museum. They begin with the metal work, cutting the louvers out of the top of the hood and welded them on the sides. They also welded a blister on the hood to match Barney Navarro’s car. image005

The Belly pan pan was hand formed along with the shop made custom exhaust pipes, a roll bar, side steering arm, radius rods, rear bumper and even the gas cap.

Hood blister primeredI especially love the side step for climbing into the lakester.Interior shot

Mike’s choice to stay with the stock pedal car wheels looks perfect and the subtle mods to ad a 5 bolt pattern to the wheels keeps it looking like it should. Side shot with paint

The money raised from this pedal cars sale went to the Petersen’s museum and their charity that funds busing and admission to the museum for inner city kids.

Happy dude

Below is a photo of Navarro on the salt. This pedal car is a great tribute to a killer car.

The actual car the pedal car was based on.

The actual car the pedal car was based on.

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