What type of tires do you use for modding your Radio Flyer wagons?

“What type of tires do you use for modding your Radio Flyer wagons?”

That is a question that has been emailed to us at info@Mycooldaddy.com                    more than a couple of times.

The wheels are the basic wheels from a Racing Kart. The sizes I use are 5 inch, but they are available in 6 inch too. I started with 5 inch after getting my first set from a customer. Since having a set in 5 inch, I thought it might be simpler to stay with the same size to keep the money spent to a minimum. I have currently four wagons and two pedal cars and a modded trike that use the three set of tires and wheels I have.

5 inch kart wheels start at 3.5 inches wide and go up in .5 inch increments up to 8.5inches wide! All of the wheels I use are 5 x 4 or 4.5 in the front and 5 x 7 in the back.

These allow the mounting of commonly used Kart racing tires. I prefer to use the smooth dry road race tires. They roll very nice and and unlike the rain tires(treaded) they are easy to find used for little to no money. The rain tires below are over $50 each while the average set of used slicks has cost me no more than $40 for the set.

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11 Responses to What type of tires do you use for modding your Radio Flyer wagons?

  1. Keith says:

    Where did you get the 5/8 axels from?

  2. Lovely website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  3. Marv says:

    Where can I purchase the axles and the hubs?

    • Marv,
      I make all the Axles at my Repair shop. I can send you a detailed instruction list if you like.

      • MARVIN E. says:

        Yes, that would be totally awesome. Do you have to bore out the stock suspension cause i noticed that the original axles are alot smaller than 5/8. Any info on this would be awesome.

  4. Marv says:

    Is that a kit that is in the picture? Is there any detailed instructions on how to do this conversion?

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  6. Greg Presnell says:

    Great site and some very cool wagons! I’m building one out of a Harbor Freight wagon. I built a tube frame from 1″ square tubing. The frame is done except for cutting the axles to length and welding on the spindles and here’s my problem, how wide should the axles be? My front axle without the spindles is 22″ wide. How much space should there be between the wagon pan and the rear slicks? I’ll be running 11×7.10×5 tires on 5×7 rims on the rear and 10×4.50×5 tires on 5×5 rims on the front. Right now my front track is wider than the rear. Not good. Any help would b great. Once again great site! Greg

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