Our 32 Ford stroller.

Hey all,

Thought I would post up a pic of the Stroller I made about 3-4 years ago. I started with a 32 ford pedal car and fabricated a frame and steering unit. This allows the stroller to pushed and steered around at a car show quite easily. The steering mechanism uses a mid 80 Toyota steering knuckle to make the turn under the chassis. I used 5 inch wheels and hubs from a racing kart. The paint was done or should I say undone after stripping the paint with aircraft paint stripper. Once stripped we used a combination of Hydrogen peroxide and rock salts to create the rust look.

This car was signed by Boyd Coddington at the Back to the 50’s about 7-8 months before he passed away in Fab of 2008. His wife spotted us walking by their booth and called boyd over to check it out. It was right after they had built their JDRF pedal car and he loved it.

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3 Responses to Our 32 Ford stroller.

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  2. Adam D says:

    Glad you had this picture posted, that is awesome! thanks for Jawjackin’ with me at back to the 50’s! great inspiration for my project in the future, can’t wait to dig in!

  3. ben stout says:

    I love this stroller it is exactly what I’d like to build for my boy chase is there any info available for parts and maybe even some sketches I could get so I can build something truly awesome for my son and generations later to have and remember me by thanks for the inspiration you are a great craftsman

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