One crazy build. A Radio Flyer wagon on steroids. Full suspension and tube frame, the works.

What has to be one of the craziest builds we have seen at Mycooldaddy is Pete’s tube frame full suspension Radio Flyer.

CAD drawing of Petes wagon.

This wagon will be painted Tiffany’s sea foam green and the frame in silver/chrome.

From CAD to real life.

The travel the wagon has is incredible. Almost five full inches! The back end uses a sweet multi link design. While the front end uses a very trick mono shock suspension.            Check out that travel!!!

Full rock crawler spec!

I hope Pete’s girl appreciates the hard work her daddy has put into this wagon.

External skeleton frame when chrome plated will be awesome.



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4 Responses to One crazy build. A Radio Flyer wagon on steroids. Full suspension and tube frame, the works.

  1. Pete says:

    Thaks Chad! In an effort to get as much done as I can before the local car shows and other summer activities, I have decided to leave the wagon red this year, but I have a few other ideas to go with it. Next winter it will get some more work done, including the full paint/chrome treatment.

    • tony says:

      i was wondering what size wheels those are and what size tires? i am looking into a set of rain tires as well and want a little tire stretch. the tires im looking into are actually 4.5″ wide and i was planing on putting them on some 5.5 inch wheels. is this do able? any help you guys can give would be awesome.

      • Tony,

        Stretching these tires is not easy. I have used a ratchet strap to help push the tire out to the rim edges. Also leaving the tires out in the sun during the summer will help them soften up a bit. Size wise all of mine are in storage right now i’ll try to check them out next time i’m out there.


  2. Ben says:

    I was wondering if any of these cool radio flyers are for sale?

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