More updates on the wagon builds. Tony’s wagon.

Tony’s Radio Flyer wagon build is the first one in a completed mock up stage. He picked a old wagon tub that I had at the shop, to use for his wagon. The rest as you can see is totally custom. He used a mountain bike shock for the suspension in the back. The front end is stock flyer steering with a modified axle to mount the wheels. Tony is hoping to have it painted by spring…. if he can get his son out of it.

This frame was built to allow Tony to raise of lower the rear end if needed. The shock also has a small amount of height adjustment. Tony’s wagon is using kart wheels from Van K wheels. The wheels measure 5×7.5 at all four corners and sitting on new Dunlop rain tires. I now stock these wheels at the shop. Please Email or call if you need a set for your project.

The mountain bike shock uses a 350 inch pound spring. The other option for these shocks has a 750 inch pound spring. The 350 inch pounder is working perfectly with his son weight or about 30-35 pounds. For kids or a pair of kids the 750’s should work great. I can get the 750 inch pound spring at the shop.

Layout of the frame. Its box design provides the frame for the wagon and secure mounting point for the shock. You can also see the 5/8 inch axle in the back for the wheel bearings. The next update will provide the needed parts and where to get them. I will try to use Tonys wagon as a template for the parts needed.


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6 Responses to More updates on the wagon builds. Tony’s wagon.

  1. paul diko says:

    wicked project, would it be possible to get dimensions from you as i would like to build one.
    regards PD

  2. Travis says:

    Do you have any more pictures of the Yellow Wagon? I’d love to build one of these but the CAD build might be out of my league. In any case, I’ve enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks.

  3. randy matheson says:

    I really like the look of this wagon. I see the wheel size is 5×7.5. But what is the tire size? I cant wait to get started building! What are the price of these wheels?

  4. Luis Gonzalez says:

    To start cool website! I was already considering getting a wagon and modifying it a bit for my two sons. Then I came accross your site and definitely was inspired to take it to the next level. I was interested in something like the full suspension and the yellow wagon. Something in between those two wagons. I’m going for the off road look. Do you sell the frames you show on the site? I ask because I definitely don’t have the tools to do all the iron work. If not, do you think I can more information or specs on how to build a frame for my wagon? I would appreciate any help or pointers I can for this project. I’m eagered to get this wagon started. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  5. george villalobos says:

    hows it goin chad. im building my son a custom wagon and was wondering the size of the wheels and tires? and aslo whats the size of the round tubing (dimensions) and if u know where i can purchase the hubs for these wheels?? Thanks in advance

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