Hossfeld #2 bender

While not the first piece of equipment I have bought it will be the most important when it comes to bending the tubing for the frames of the strollers and wagons. I picked up the Hossfeld #2 bender and about 15-20 die sets for under $500. If you keep an eye out for these they do come up for sale occasionally. New the #2 bender is around $1000 without the dies. Close too $2000-2500 with a nice assortment of dies.

Stock photo of the Hossfeld bender.

The unit I picked up did not have hydraulic power to help speed up then bending process but with the aid of a local auction house I picked up this gem. More than enough pressure to edge bend flat stock up to 1/2″ thick with out breaking a sweat.

This Dayton hydraulic pump should have plenty of power for the bender.

I’m still looking for a push pull ram and foot switch for the hyd pump. After that we should be ready to go. The best part is being able to bend what we need and not having to permanently mount the bender to the floor. This would have been very tough to do in the shop and would have severely limited the space I could have used it in.

Bending tubing for projects like this will be a piece of cake.



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New Hot Rod stroller in the works!

Started the design process for a new stroller for this year. What got my idea process really going was all of the reading I have done this winter about the Bonneville salt flats and the SCTA(Southern California Timing Association) races held there each year in August. “Speed Week” is what they call it and they mean it. Cars regularly hit 200-300MPH during the week.

I have been thinking about a trip to the “Salt” this year for my 41st birthday which falls right in the middle of Speed week. The thought is go and watch the races and see if the idea I have to build /finish a Belly tank racer is ridiculous or not. SO with that I mind I thought why not start with something a little smaller. Something my sons could enjoy and I could build.

Belly tank

Fiberglass Belly Tank Stroller

The above fiberglass shell is in route and from the looks of it will be sweet. My plans have it cut and hinged at the top to allow my 4 year old to hop in and out of it when needed. I plan to use the frame and turning set up from the ’32 ford stroller. This will allow the belly tank stroller come to life. I cant wait to hit “Back to the 50’s” or “Cars and Cafe” at AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen this year.

A finished Belly tank roadster, while not a stroller still very cool.

The gentleman who sells these shells provided me with the above pic of one finished. The Belly tank above does not have steering like the stroller will but the style and “feel of it will be the same. Although I will really have to think about the color/paint on this one. I was planning on a bare metal look by air brush but lately I think a air force themed paint job with official markings, paint and stickers. Let me know in the comment section  what you think might look best.

Another shot of what they look like when finished.

Now I just need to find out where the wheels are from and who can make me a set of wheel covers like those shown.



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Back to the 50’s. A great place for ideas for your next wagon.




I know this post is a long time coming. These pictures were taken during this years Back to the 50’s in Minneapolis, Mn. My cool daddy was there on all three days. Easily the best day for checking out wagons is Sunday, the day of the Swap meet.

Most wagons were being used for hauling and had intakes and headers in them. The full suspension wagon above was especially cool and I’m sure soft ride made a long day at the car show that much more enjoyable.

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Making Daddies cool since 2002!

Back to the '50's 2008

The reason the wagons are built.

Here at Mycooldaddy we have been building and modifying Pedal cars and Radio Flyer wagons for the past 8-9 years. The builds that have been completed along with the builds that were just started are all chronicled here. Please use the comments section in every post to provide feedback and ask questions.

If you have a wagon you have built either with the help of this site or on your own please send us some pics and a little info on the build up. We would love to post in a new section called “Cooldaddy’s”. It will be full of custom Radio flyers, Hot rod strollers and Pedal cars all built by you. Email your pictures to info@mycooldaddy.com

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Sweet radio flyers from around the web.

Hey all here are a couple of pics I have found from around he web. Hope you like them.

Sweet pic of a lowered wagon from somewhere in Europe.

Love the red wheels on this one. The Big Red ATW is a great platform for modding. The tubs are about an inch deeper than the standard tub.

Sweet pic of the little dude checking out his "Ride".

The rain tire on the above wagon cost a pretty penny. Remember when you are starting to assemble parts the Kart slicks can be found (when worn out) for under $10-20 for set. The rain tires are closer $40-50 each!

I love the front end on this one. This thing definitely has the right stance.


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One crazy build. A Radio Flyer wagon on steroids. Full suspension and tube frame, the works.

What has to be one of the craziest builds we have seen at Mycooldaddy is Pete’s tube frame full suspension Radio Flyer.

CAD drawing of Petes wagon.

This wagon will be painted Tiffany’s sea foam green and the frame in silver/chrome.

From CAD to real life.

The travel the wagon has is incredible. Almost five full inches! The back end uses a sweet multi link design. While the front end uses a very trick mono shock suspension.            Check out that travel!!!

Full rock crawler spec!

I hope Pete’s girl appreciates the hard work her daddy has put into this wagon.

External skeleton frame when chrome plated will be awesome.



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Handbuilt hotrod strollers.

These are a few photos I found online almost six years ago. The builder of this stroller obviously has some serious skill.

The stroller wheels in front look to just be loose or not turning with the steering wheels input, rather they rotate when the body rotates. a clever way to allow the wagon to turn easier when pushing it.



One can only imagine the amount of man hours that went into this project.

No detail was over looked. The quick change rear end is awesome.

Even the windshield looks to be handmade. I hope the builder was able to get it completed while his son was young and small enough to fit in it.



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More updates on the wagon builds. Tony’s wagon.

Tony’s Radio Flyer wagon build is the first one in a completed mock up stage. He picked a old wagon tub that I had at the shop, to use for his wagon. The rest as you can see is totally custom. He used a mountain bike shock for the suspension in the back. The front end is stock flyer steering with a modified axle to mount the wheels. Tony is hoping to have it painted by spring…. if he can get his son out of it.

This frame was built to allow Tony to raise of lower the rear end if needed. The shock also has a small amount of height adjustment. Tony’s wagon is using kart wheels from Van K wheels. The wheels measure 5×7.5 at all four corners and sitting on new Dunlop rain tires. I now stock these wheels at the shop. Please Email or call if you need a set for your project.

The mountain bike shock uses a 350 inch pound spring. The other option for these shocks has a 750 inch pound spring. The 350 inch pounder is working perfectly with his son weight or about 30-35 pounds. For kids or a pair of kids the 750’s should work great. I can get the 750 inch pound spring at the shop.

Layout of the frame. Its box design provides the frame for the wagon and secure mounting point for the shock. You can also see the 5/8 inch axle in the back for the wheel bearings. The next update will provide the needed parts and where to get them. I will try to use Tonys wagon as a template for the parts needed.


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The wheels are in! The Wheels are in! We finally have the perfect Alloy wheels for your project.

Hey all,

The shipment of alloy wheels has arrived and they look great. I had been looking for a wheel supplier for the 5-6 projects the guys had going on at the shop. After contacting several suppliers about ordering and their country of manufacture. I have to say it was hard to find a reasonably priced option for our builds. Vendors from China have and do ship hundreds/thousands of wheels to the U.S. but I don’t like the thought of sending my cash out of the country if I can help it.

The alloy wheel manufacturers in the U.S were unresponsive to my emails trying to purchase wheels. That is until I found Brian B at Van K wheels. Not only did he respond to my email but during a twenty minute phone call provided me with all the info I needed on the wheels he makes and sells at  Van K wheels

As you can see the polished wheels they manufacture are very nice and the polish is perfect. Their wheels are also available in black powder coat and satin finish.


I have two full  sets of wheels in stock for those looking for a great U.S made wheel for your next project.

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The radio flyer wagon modding has started.

Hey all,

Finally a update. January has been very busy. We have a total of five guys building wagons at the shop. None of them are alike. Kris is building a BMX bike themed wagon. Tony is building a lifted wagon with a mono shock design for suspension. Jon is putting together a wagon that will have paint matching his Scirocco and a sweet hardwood floor. Two others have started their builds at home and have not come into the shop yet. Hopefully these guys will come in soon and we can snap some pic of the projects in progress.

Here are some pic’s from the last couple of Friday build nights.

Jon's wooden beauty

Looking to build something very close to this cool design.

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What type of tires do you use for modding your Radio Flyer wagons?

“What type of tires do you use for modding your Radio Flyer wagons?”

That is a question that has been emailed to us at info@Mycooldaddy.com                    more than a couple of times.

The wheels are the basic wheels from a Racing Kart. The sizes I use are 5 inch, but they are available in 6 inch too. I started with 5 inch after getting my first set from a customer. Since having a set in 5 inch, I thought it might be simpler to stay with the same size to keep the money spent to a minimum. I have currently four wagons and two pedal cars and a modded trike that use the three set of tires and wheels I have.

5 inch kart wheels start at 3.5 inches wide and go up in .5 inch increments up to 8.5inches wide! All of the wheels I use are 5 x 4 or 4.5 in the front and 5 x 7 in the back.

These allow the mounting of commonly used Kart racing tires. I prefer to use the smooth dry road race tires. They roll very nice and and unlike the rain tires(treaded) they are easy to find used for little to no money. The rain tires below are over $50 each while the average set of used slicks has cost me no more than $40 for the set.

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Our 32 Ford stroller.

Hey all,

Thought I would post up a pic of the Stroller I made about 3-4 years ago. I started with a 32 ford pedal car and fabricated a frame and steering unit. This allows the stroller to pushed and steered around at a car show quite easily. The steering mechanism uses a mid 80 Toyota steering knuckle to make the turn under the chassis. I used 5 inch wheels and hubs from a racing kart. The paint was done or should I say undone after stripping the paint with aircraft paint stripper. Once stripped we used a combination of Hydrogen peroxide and rock salts to create the rust look.

This car was signed by Boyd Coddington at the Back to the 50’s about 7-8 months before he passed away in Fab of 2008. His wife spotted us walking by their booth and called boyd over to check it out. It was right after they had built their JDRF pedal car and he loved it.

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